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"Working closely with you - taking your ideas - at your pace - from the drawing board to a complete web solution." This little phrase sums up the Steelhorse Concepts ethos to establishing and enhancing your web presence. Whatever your idea, service or objective.

Steelhorse Concepts provides the complete package from inception onwards. Working closely with you, Steelhorse Concepts will quickly assess the best way to establish your web presence. Using what is termed Mission Management we will agree the primary objective of the web site, whether that be publishing or commerce or any other idea you may have. The benefit of this approach is that the focus is maintained through the subsequent web site Design, Development and Deployment phases.

Steelhorse Concepts delivers the total package allowing you to focus on the marketing of your enterprise without having to worry about the technical or other web related aspects of establishing your web presence.

There are many aspects such as design, domain name registration and hosting of establishing a web presence that require technical knowledge and experience. You do not need to learn the details of these elements. You will probably have your hands full trying to succinctly sell your product, service or idea, although Steelhorse Concepts can provide copywriting for you if necessary.

The Steelhorse Concepts approach is holistic in that it looks at the whole process through two different sets of eyes. The first being bringing visitors to your site - this is achieved by looking at the site in a similar manner to that employed by the search engines - this is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The second set of eyes is focused upon the visitor experience when they visit your site. Is it simple to use? Does it encourage the visitor to do/think or whatever is your objective for your site?

Steelhorse Concepts provides high quality web site design, development and deployment for clients. Using the unique Steelhorse Environment sites are delivered quickly thereby reducing the "time to market" of your offering whether that be a service, product or idea.

Many web site design organisations provide straight forward web pages with simple features, which is alright in itself. Steelhorse Concepts also does this with "off the shelf" web sites as a starting point. The real difference is when you want more business specific functionality - the type that requires the full gambit of database design and so on. Using its unique Steelhorse Environment, which builds upon industry standard technologies, Steelhorse Concepts acn rapidly develop this additional functionality thereby reducing your time to market. In essence you can be "live" very quickly if needs be.

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